About me

I am originally from Macroom in Cork, Ireland. I’m married to Jenny and have a beautiful son Adam. I am an uncle to my beautiful nieces Aoife & Iona. My hobbies include Soccer (supporting, playing and coaching), Fitness, DIY, Travel and Scuba Diving. I am a volunteer with Special Olympics Ireland, and also have been helping on STEM activities with various institutes across Ireland. Most recent involvement were in Robotics to Schools programs and building a program to tutor maths to school students in University College Cork.
Whilst my job is technology, I love what I do, and more importantly I love working and learning with my peers. It’s important to me that people like me come and go, but working on big challenges allows us to progress things outside of ourselves. I have been fascinated with how technology impacts our lives since I was a child taking apart RC cars. During my career, I always looked for mentorship from business and technology leaders, and I also help the younger generation by mentoring and “sending the elevator down”. I contribute to the technology community by advising, consulting, writing and also speaking at international conferences. I also have two implants (battery less) in my hands, one for my access card, and one for holding medical information. Why? Contact me to learn more about this.
Fun Fact – I spent a number of years as a part time freelance sports journalist with the Evening Echo newspaper in Cork.
Below is a series of photos on the above – happy viewing!
Me with my niece Aoife – Aoife likes chips!
Friends Joe and PJ with myself supporting the Ireland soccer team
Before speaking at the IoT World conderence
The event was BT young Scientist, the theme was “Transformation”. For my company at the time EMC, I donned the spandex to be “Blue Flash” šŸ™‚ (I kept my job)
Two of the team I helped coach with Irish soccer legend John Giles
Me with my two closest friends (Bryan and John) when we won the double with our soccer club Macroom in 2010.
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